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Friday, September 30, 2016

Gender-neutral homecoming 'queen,' female 'king'

BETHESDA, Md. – Students at a Maryland high school will get to choose whether they want to be considered as a king or queen, regardless of their gender, as part of a gender-neutral homecoming court.

The Washington Post ( ) reports Bethesda-Chevy Chase High School student government representatives voted last week that the top two finalists from a ballot will be crowned at the school's football game Oct. 7. Those honored could include two boys, two girls, transgender students or a boy-girl duo.

Each winner gets to decide how they want to be identified: as "royalty" or as a king or queen.

Student Government Association President Jacob Rains says students didn't want to tell their fellow classmates that boys can only be considered as kings, while girls could only be seen as queens.



Anonymous said...

then I gues "he" can actually "F" him/herself.

Anonymous said...

This stupid s**t has just gone way, way too far. Enough is enough already. If you were born female, you are a FEMALE. If you were born male, you are a MALE. End of statement.

Anonymous said...

Degenerate idiots.

Anonymous said...

Wow look forward to how this generation of useful idiots turns out! we see what we reap. The godless and fatherless Generations. Spawned since welfare started! Aborotion was legalized! Illegitmate pregneancy rewarded! God and the constitution criminalized! but Satan is Hailed. They are now going after the flag our nationalism. Attempting to ditract from the underlying agenda. To create hostility, turmoil confusion and dissension among the populace. This is not the work of God this is the work of the devil this is who's behind this this is where it's all going. We are slowly witnessing the destruction of the United States of America. Our satanic leaders are moving us to this New World Order! where these kind of ideals are the norm. It will only lead to destruction and death of the country and our very souls. As the ignorant keep cheering

Anonymous said...

Exactly why I left Montgomery County 20 years ago and never looked back!!!! This kind of thing doesn't happen here on the shore!!!!

Anonymous said...

When I buy chicken at the store, I don't expect to get rooster meat.

lmclain said...

I'll bet it wasn't the students who didn't want to label boys as Kings and girls as Queens.

The school administrators are the likely proponents of this politically correct BS.
keep cheering.

Anonymous said...

The social engineering is working very well.

Anonymous said...

SAD SAD SAD. Glad I'm 72 years old with this "sick" thinking.