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Monday, August 01, 2016

Trump: Clinton and DNC 'Trying to Rig the Debates'

Republican nominee Donald Trump is alleging that the Democratic Party is attempting to schedule general election debates that conflict with “major NFL games.”

As usual, Hillary & the Dems are trying to rig the debates so 2 are up against major NFL games. Same as last time w/ Bernie. Unacceptable!
During the primaries, Hillary Clinton’s campaign and the Democratic National Convention under former chairwoman Debbie Wasserman Schultz’s watch were criticized for trying to schedule debates during other primetime television events to help shelter Clinton.
“Top Democrats think it’s no accident the Democratic National Committee scheduled the debate on the night of the big game in Iowa, at a time when fewer voters nationwide will see it. They see collusion between DNC chairwoman Debbie Wasserman Schultz and Hillary Clinton’s campaign to insulate the Democratic front-runner from the potential challenges and embarrassments of a vibrant debate in front of a healthy audience,” reported theNational Review ahead of the Iowa caucuses.

Two months later, The Boston Globe also noted the Democratic primary debate schedule continuing to conflict with busy television nights, including NFL playoffs.


Anonymous said...

If Trump keeps making stupid comments about Russia the election won't need rigging or fixing.

Anonymous said...

So dont attend reschedule it Don . Screw her

Anonymous said...

"Waaa waaa, they didnt read my mind from a year ago and are not doing as i say so let me falsely slander the process"

Anonymous said...

I agree totally with your statement.
is Trump a plant to get Hillary elected?