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Monday, August 01, 2016

Schweizer: Clinton Foundation Has Large Donors With 'Histories of Corruption,' No Reason To Donate Other Than Buying Influence

Saturday, on the Fox News Channel’s “Fox & Friends,” Breitbart editor at large Peter Schweizer, executive producer of the documentary based on his bestselling book “Clinton Cash,” stated that the Clinton Foundation’s large overseas donors “have histories of corruption, or being involved in bribery scandals.”

Schweizer said that there’s no reason for an authoritarian government to give to the Clinton Foundation other than buying influence, and that the large overseas donors to the foundation “have histories of corruption, or being involved in bribery scandals.” He added, “Just because it’s a charity doesn’t mean that it’s not important or not interesting. It constitutes bribery every bit as much as if somebody’s putting money in somebody’s pocket for a benefit.”

Schweizer also said the Clintons haven’t disclosed 1,100 foreign contributions to the Clinton Foundation.



Anonymous said...

will the Truth ever be exposed?

Anonymous said...

Most of us already know the truth - the dumbocrats are refusing to believe it!

Anonymous said...

Even though you have a corrupt Shepard don't the sheep still follow?