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Monday, August 01, 2016

How much did the Clinton Foundation really get?

IRS investigators should dig into the millions of dollars of unresolved reporting disparities on exactly how much money Australian government agencies shoveled into the Clinton Foundation, Republican Rep. Marsha Blackburn of Tennessee tells The Daily Caller News Foundation.

Clinton Foundation listings include contributions from the Commonwealth of Australia and the Australian Agency for International Development in a range between totals of $20 million and $50 million. The foundation does not provide the date of the contributions.

Even with the highest number — $50 million — in the range, however, there is a disparity of as much as $39 million with reports from the Australian government. Using the foundation’s lowest number of $20 million, the disparity could be as much as $68 million.



Anonymous said...

The Clintons and their foundation got all of it. That's all you need to know.

lmclain said...

What you need to know is this --

They didn't even REPORT millions of dollars in income. MILLIONS!!! They get to "revise" their returns.
"We, the people" would have already recieved the notice of the millions of dollars in fines, fees, and possible criminal charges.
Add tax cheat to the numerous and odious titles this arrogant criminal couple have acquired.
Fory percent of the people could WATCH HER kill a 10 year old kid with a baseball bat and they would STILL think she is God's gift to America.
That kind of ignorant stupidity is going to be hard to beat.
Keep cheering!

Anonymous said...

They own the IRS