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Wednesday, July 06, 2016

The Most Interesting Sheriff In The World!

HAMILTON, Ohio (AP) — An Ohio sheriff’s anti-drug message in a video that plays off the “most interesting man in the world” beer campaign has been viewed tens of thousands of times. 

Butler County Sheriff Richard Jones posted the video to his Facebook page last week declaring himself “the most interesting sheriff in the world.” It’s inspired by the popular Dos Equis beer advertising campaign that ended earlier this year. 

The video features clips of Jones and a voice over saying he won the Tour de France on a stationary bicycle and gave John Wayne his blessing to play a sheriff. 

Jones says in the video that he loves snitches and asks residents to turn in drug dealers. 

He says heroin is “killing us” and hopes social media users will continue sharing the video.


Anonymous said...

Wow too funny. "That's why I like snitches" LMAO!!!

Anonymous said...

Cute. Inspired by beer. Alcohol is the most dangerous drug we consume.

Anonymous said...

That was trippy.