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Wednesday, July 06, 2016


If you have never visited the Camden Avenue Farmers Market in Salisbury, you are totally missing out. This is not just any Farmers Market – this is your entire shopping list in one place! The Camden Avenue Farmers Market, located in the parking lot of the Asbury United Methodist Church, has been in business for 9 years and boasts 20 vendors during peak season.

Another added bonus is that this market only allows producer-only vendors to sell their produce and wares. In other words, when you shop at the Camden Avenue Farmers Market, you are buying directly from the farmer. Real farmers caring for your purchase from beginning to end; whether it’s a vegetable, baked good, fillet of salmon or milkshake!

And there’s a reason why these dedicated producers stay with this market year after year. Bob Miller of Nice Cream Farmery said it best when asked why he chose to be a vendor at the Camden Avenue Farmers Market, “This market was a natural fit when searching for an outlet to provide a high quality dairy product.”

Other vendors couldn’t agree more. When asked, they each had the same positive feedback regarding their shoppers: consistent. Matt from Chesterfield Heirlooms added, “Our customers are awesome! They come out to see us in rain, snow, heat, you name it. They are very dedicated to buying local and that in turn makes us dedicated to produce for them year-round.”



Anonymous said...

I have heard of it and I would love to go, but they are usually closed by the time I get off from work at 5. If they only had this on a Saturday or one day with extended hours, I would definitely go!

Anonymous said...

Treat yourself to milk from Nice Creamery. It's pasteurized but not homogenized. Almost like drinking melted ice cream. You can but directly from their farm located not too far from Federalsburg.

Anonymous said...

They're there until 6:30.

Anonymous said...

This is a great place to get food if you can get there during the weekDAY hours. Not everyone is unemployed in Salisbury even though the traffic everyday would lead us to believe no one is. Would be nice if they had Saturday hours. They'd probably make a lot more money for the vendors if they did allow Saturday mornings.

Anonymous said...

I've tried growing salmon in my back yard, and it just never has worked. Maybe I'll go and see how our local farmers do it!

Anonymous said...

Talk to them, not us.

Anonymous said...

Go buy something from my friend Conrad von Kollmar. Great guy.