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Friday, July 08, 2016

Paul Ryan: Congress could strip Hillary Clinton of access to classified material

House Speaker Paul D. Ryan said Wednesday that Congress could step in and try to deny Hillary Clinton access to classified information during the presidential campaign, if the Obama administration doesn’t take that step itself.

Given that the FBI found Mrs. Clinton “careless” in handling top secret information, Mr. Ryan said Director of National Intelligence James Clapper should deny her the regular intelligence briefings a party’s presidential and vice presidential nominees get.

But he said if Mr. Clapper doesn’t do that, Congress could step in.

“We’re not going to forego any options,” he said — though he insisted the administration should do it “on its own.”



Anonymous said...

Dream on.The agenda that has her back is bigger than all of us.This thing has some form of new world order written all over it.There is a world unification taking place that is overriding everything else.Look for a one world currency in our lifetime.

Thornton Crowe said...

916 just a thought you might want to entertain. In 1776 the odds against the colonies verses the King of England was like a Third World Country fighting America today! Sticks verses lasers in those times. Their odds were great but they decided not to fold to the intimidation and DID something about it rather than sit around talking others out of standing up for freedom and right course.

It is people like you that try to discourage rather than help us, the people, to stand up for ourselves and take our country back.

This Clinton Machine is urban legend that has an elevated position in our lives because people like you say things like, "the agenda that has her back is bigger than all of us. " well that's just BS on a chef salad.

Numerically speaking there is a lot more people in America whom are honest, free people than any so-called machine. We don't have time for your defeatist attitudes and platitudes. If you love America and grasp it's the last free country in the world then shut up and join us all whom are trying to preserve it. If not, then sit down and let us do the heavy lifting for you-and please stop trying to dissuade us! Thanks.

Anonymous said...

9:32 Boy, you are a huge dreamer!

Anonymous said...

Yes, they could. No, they won't. Nutless, gutless wonders.