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Wednesday, July 27, 2016

No charges in boat fight caught on camera in the Choptank River

CHOPTANK RIVER - The fight happened Saturday afternoon on a rental boat cruising the Choptank River near Cambridge. Volunteers working the Cambridge Yacht Club Fun Regatta started recording with their cellphones after the power boat drove into the course, veering alarmingly close to sailboats in the race.

Then they noticed two people onboard were having a nasty fist fight . The video shows punch after punch to the face. You can hear passengers screaming, some of them trying to break up the brawl between two men.

"We now have a fight on board the vessel, and we're gonna have two drunk people in the water pretty soon,” one witness says on the video.



Anonymous said...

There are 2 kinds of people that boat. One is a couple of guys sucking some beer down and having a great time and the other is a boatload of liberals that want to deprive anyone from having a good time. Personally, I would rather have a good time than play water Nazi.

Anonymous said...

Stupid is as Stupid does, All idiots on board will be paying for boat damages and injuries, and will probably repeat this behavior in the near future!

Anonymous said...

Can't believe it is even news worthy. People have lived such a sheltered life they stick their nose in others business. Called it dangerous and wouldn't listen to a women yelling at them, but another fat boy stood there watching. No charges pressed.

Anonymous said...

July 28, 2016 at 7:10 AM
So you are saying that these people that ignored the regatta safety markers, got in a fist fight on the water with a running vessel, and destroyed part of their required safety equipment, should not be questioned?
That may be how it works in the hood, but on the water, everyone is safe and everyone looks after each other. I happen to know the people who took the video. They are quiet and reserved. They did the right thing.