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Thursday, July 07, 2016

Here We Go... Again!

By Thornton Crowe

Well, it seems Hillary Clinton is now working diligently to romance Bernie's kids with promises of sugar plums fairies and free tuition dancing in their heads. Even with Sanders falling back, the meme is still ringing like a loud bell! And millennials may or may not fall for it.

Are you going to be seduced by the fancy new prizes and tons of freebies? Let's just go on a little walk of reality. I know, those momentary fleeting seconds of reality are always "Debbie Downers" but seriously, the promise of Nirvana is usually a bait and switch that are simply illegal in the really real world but in political circles, the ruse is perfectly acceptable. Is she sincere? Given our recent revelations regarding her credibility, I would be highly suspicious, if not, downright cynical!

Old adage: It's never, ever truly free...

Free college is never free and someone always pay. I recall when France raised their taxation on their 'rich' the wealthy simply moved out of the country. Will they do the same here? We don't know...

As for Clinton's promises to her new victims, her history call it all hogwash! When has Clinton ever kept her promises and where are all these 'achievements' I keep hearing about but never see any proof or specifics? Her latest advert on the boob tube toots her child insurance plans from her tenure as First Lady. Where are these plans and, if they do exist, why did we need Obamacare for all if she already did this initiative successfully?

Wait, was this the same scandal from the Nineties where there was a huge misstep by her committee that ended in disaster? How Democrats can re-frame things is just stunning to witness. However, she's convinced millennials and their parents are too stupid to realize the big ruse.

Is she laughing at us? 

Sure, why not. We've proven to her, some will still vote for her regardless of the lies, scandals, mishandling and nonsense! She has every reason to laugh. We deserve it.

All promises and no action is just the abbreviate slogan Donald  Trump states, but it's not a pithy saying. There's real meat behind it. People can't even answer Sean Hannity's Friday Jeopardy when he asks his left-leaning talking head guests to name even one of her accomplishments. Why do they labor for an answer? Because there are no answers.

Yet, the Left loves more than honey to tell us that Clinton will be pitching for the team. I call fowl! She's never pitched for anything but self-enrichment for eons, why change her horse now?

So before you start applying to Harvard or Stanford, looking for Uncle Sam to pay your big bill, know this: most, if not all the Clintons' campaign bravado has all come to nothing. They don't have any intention (pesky word) of every following through with any of her big campaign talk. In fact, sadly, if you look at her record as a politician verses Trump's record as just a mere commoner, he's done more for his communities than Clinton.

When the media has had their rare moments of honesty, they have relayed Trump's good deeds to many in this country, but the non-existent deeds of Clinton have now become almost urban legend.

If you don't believe me, I encourage you to go see for yourself... Clinton's got a big mouth but her history ain't so hot! If I were a betting person, I'd say she'll be laughing at the millennials all the way to voting day without ever letting them know she a big scam! 

How say you?


Anonymous said...

Good analysis Thornton! Hope people realize it's all about HER and the power she would like to have.
If elected, all we can do is hope for the best but let's "Make America Great Again!" Go Trump!

Anonymous said...

When I think about all that the Clinton woman has done for us all during her life in politics, everything gets very quiet and dark.

Anonymous said...

Wait till the college crowd gets a real job and find out they are paying for all the free stuff they voted for.

Anonymous said...

Looks like the Freebie population is now marching over two black people being shot by police. Now they've got a dead cop on the ground in Dallas. They really are egging things to the point where there will be no return.