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Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Mexican Cartels Have Infiltrated U.S. Military, Federal Agencies

Veteran journalist extraordinaire Sharyl Attkisson made the shocking assertion that Mexican cartels have infiltrated the U.S. military and U.S. law enforcement agencies–- and she is correct. Her assertion is backed up by years of Breitbart Texas reports showing that some U.S. soldiers have worked for cartel efforts to smuggle humans and drugs, and that far too many in U.S. federal law enforcement agencies have fallen into working for Mexican cartels.

Attkisson’s assertion was made on Breitbart News Daily to host Stephen K. Bannon. She stated on the June 24, 2016 show:

"On the other hand, I think about the military guys, and they may think, is this a victimless crime? It’s really not illegal to come to this country. The two Mexicans they had been transporting last week had each been removed from the US three times before. And maybe they think, why shouldn’t I make some money on the side doing something the government doesn’t really mind. They don’t mind if the illegal immigrants come here.

"I think they know about it. And it’s people inside Border Patrol and inside the military who have long been involved in smuggling drugs, as well as smuggling humans. They’re well aware of it. They don’t talk about it much but it’s well known inside. I’ll be doing a story in the Fall about corruption inside the Border Patrol which is just out of control. There’s so many agents. The cartels place people inside Border Patrol now, smugglers place people inside Border Patrol get them hired there. It’s a big issue..."

As Breitbart Texas previously reported, FBI Director James Comey discussed a public corruption task force created particularly for border officials. “The color of of corruption is green,” Comey said at the time.

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Anonymous said...

No shocker there. TV drama's/movies have depicted this infiltration for several decades. Wouldn't put it past the Mexican cartels to try a thing or 100000000000 since we tee it up for them!

The Government's War on Drugs? Yeah right.

Anonymous said...

Make crap money fighting and possibly dying for your country? How'd you like to make a years wages in 2 days?

Anonymous said...

When did we stop vetting government employees? I remember when getting a government job used to be full of background checks, numerous phone calls and a long wait while these interviews were conducted. How was this allowed to happen?

Anonymous said...

Come on folks.
Wake up already.

The federal government and military infiltrated (created) the Mexican "drug" cartels.

CIA runs drugs all over the planet. They always have and always will.

Anonymous said...

If you see some of the foreign trash in our military you could believe this is happening. They have no respect in dress,attitude, professionalism, honor,or integrity. They look like homeless some of them. Embarrassing.