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Tuesday, June 28, 2016

County Executive Bob Culver is pleased to support Governor Hogan’s recent appointments to the Wicomico County Board of Education

Maria Waller, a long- time resident of Wicomico County and owner of Quality Staffing Services, has been appointed. Ms. Waller is an advocate for education and will serve the board well as a local business person and her great interest in education.

Gene Malone is a life-long resident and a product of the Wicomico County Public System. Mr. Malone is the regional manager of M & T Bank. He brings a business background and his familiarity of Wicomico County and interest in education. He shared that his entire family were educated in the Wicomico public system including his parents and is very proud of the education they received.

“I feel very confident in these appointments and that they will do what is best for the children in Wicomico County Public School,” Bob Culver said.


Anonymous said...

This governor is the real deal, not a partisan hack.

Anonymous said...

Wait until your school taxes go up yet again to start to pat this rinoo on his tusks!!!