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Wednesday, June 29, 2016

8-year-old Marine Hopeful Sells History Lessons Instead of Lemonade

An 8-year-old Jackson, Michigan boy loves American history so much that he opened a stand in his front yard so he could school the neighborhood kids for 25 cents a lesson.

“History is very special to the world,” Gabe Fulmerhouser told a local NBC News affiliate.

Gabe said he’s loved history since as long as he can remember and hopes to become a Marine someday.

His dad helped him paint a giant American flag on the front of his stand, which features numerous books on America’s wars and other learning materials like presidential flashcards.

Gabe’s family has a history of serving in the military, NBC reported.

“One of his things that he loves to do is to have veterans, to talk to veterans, so my hope would even be that veterans come over and are able to share war stories with him,” his mother, Lesli Fulmerhouser, told the station.

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Anonymous said...

He is no Marine! I applaud what he's doing but do not him a Marine! That's a title earned with sweat and blood!

Anonymous said...

Dave T: What a nice story. Three cheers for this young fellow for doing what he loves and sharing it in a positive way with others. Great story! Thanks for sharing this very enjoyable news. Good stuff. It is really wonderful to see young patriots taking an interest in our nations history. Bravo !

Anonymous said...

"He is no Marine!"

It says 'Marine HOPEFUL' 12:19. He WANTS to be a Marine.

Anonymous said...

Children in public school today dodge more bullets than the Marines. This little Marine is awesome.

Anonymous said...

Why would he want to be a marine for this evil government?

His parents need to educate the young man.