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Wednesday, June 29, 2016

Conservatives Will Get a Kick Out of Which Fast Food Joint Dems Called During Their Sit-In

House Democrats began throwing a temper tantrum on the floor of the House chamber Wednesday, staging a “sit-in” to demand a vote on a gun control measure that would strips due process and gun rights from some citizens and wouldn’t solve any gun violence issues.

Of course, these “protesters” need to eat, and the handful of granola bars and doughnuts brought by sympathetic Senate Dems wasn’t going to cut it, so congressional interns were sent to acquire enough food to fuel the righteous stand in opposition of civil rights.

Ironically, according to the Independent Journal, those interns brought back a cart full of fast food from the one restaurant in Washington, D.C., one would assume Democrats would avoid like the plague — Chick-fil-A.

In case you had forgotten, the fabulously delicious chicken sandwich restaurant has been overwhelmingly demonized over the past several years by Democrats critical of the owners’ stand in defense of traditional marriage.



lmclain said...

Being a Democrat means leaving common sense at the door, BUT they get a dose of hypocrisy in trade.
They don't like guns (mainly because they are afraid someone will use one on THEM), and don't want you to have one, but they all have one and surround themselves with guns.
They castigate people of faith, but guess who they call when they're hungry.
They "fight for womens rights" and "gay rights", but are stone-cold SILENT when muslims burn their daughters alive or rape little boys.
A muslim yells "allah akbar" (or whatever the heck they say when murdering innocent people) and they refuse to say "muslim terrorist". Instead, they blame American gun owners and actively seek to change the Constitution. AFTER, of course, they swear on a Bible to UPHOLD AND DEFEND it!
The hanging list isn't just limited to politicians.
Their cheerleaders will get it, too.
As it should be.
Meanwhile, just keep cheering and act like it's going to save you.

Anonymous said...

thought they were supposed to be "sufferin" during the sit it. nope they send their interns out for take out. di they have a shake with their fries

Anonymous said...

It's chicken, nuff said!