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Wednesday, June 29, 2016

Latinos for Trump Blast Politico: ‘I’m an American First’

American Latinos for Donald Trump expressed outrage on Monday against the mainstream media for coverage given to Hispanics who support Trump – specifically pointing to a Politico article published on Sunday titled, “The lonely lives of Latinos for Trump.”

Mark F., who wishes to leave his last name anonymous, was interviewed by Politico and briefly mentioned in the article because he produced many videos for a group on Twitter, “Latinos for Trump.” He said he thought it was unfair that Politico portrayed Latinos as lonely.

“I am not ‘Lonely.’ My whole family is voting for Trump. I am very vocal in my family about it. I don’t hide it,” Mark F. told Breitbart News in response to the Politico story. “If it was Latinos For Hillary or Latinos For Bernie, the [mainstream] media would never ask such questions.”

“I felt insulted that he would write how ‘lonely’ we are,” Victor – who also wouldn’t disclose his last name, but is on Twitter as @elvatoteporocho – added, after also being approached for an interview by Politico. “It felt like there was an ulterior motive for reaching out to us, not to actually do a story on us, but to do a type of hit [piece] to disenfranchise us, to try and show people we are not real or try and prove we were fake. It was very insulting to a few of us.”

Mark F. says one video he produced received 100,000 views on YouTube within the first 24-hours and was shared by Trump on his Facebookpage, where it then received more than one million views.


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