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Wednesday, April 06, 2016

Subject: Jerry Brown Admits $15 Min Wage Bad; Signs Anyway

California Gov. Jerry Brown signed legislation Monday to raise the statewide minimum wage to $15-per-hour, the highest in the U.S. While admitting a $15 minimum wage made no economic sense, he said it made “moral” sense.

Brown signed a statewide increase to $10-per-hour less than two-and-a-half years ago. andopposed a new increase to $15 until pressure from unions caused him to relent. (Union contributions to moderate Democrats also helped.)

“Economically, minimum wages may not make sense,” Brown said, according to the Sacramento Bee. But “[m]orally and socially and politically, they [minimum wages] make every sense because it binds the community together and makes sure that parents can take care of their kids in a much more satisfactory way.”

The governor made no comment on what parents who cannot find jobs are meant to do to take care of their children.



Anonymous said...

A bold move in a state teetering on bankruptcy. It'll work as well as Obama's $300 giveaway to stimulate the economy.

Anonymous said...

The State taxes income at 13% and will reap some benefits from the higher minimum wage.

Anonymous said...

Cannot sum up the progressive disease any better that that my friends.

Anonymous said...

It's all about more money for the "Government Body."
Cost of living will "zoom upwards" workers will
be in worse shape then they are now.

DAG YO said...

It will lead to more WELFARE, because they will lay off all the Homeys at Mickey Dees now!

Anonymous said...

These actions are nothing more than politicians trying to appease voters. This was all a big waste of time and will not benefit the working class whatsoever. For starters, it will be several years before the $15.00 is in place, secondly, most workers are being paid more than the minimum wage already.
More much ado about nothing from elected leaders!
Really want to do something? Start voting the clown leaders out of office! Vote in people who want to represent US!