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Wednesday, April 06, 2016

Ryan On Brokered Convention: ‘I’m Not Running For President … Period, End Of Story’

Speaker Rep. Paul Ryan (R-WI) insists he is not interested in being nominated as a presidential candidate even if there’s a brokered Republican convention this summer.

During an interview with Hugh Hewitt, Ryan responded to a rumored scenario where he would be chosen by delegates as a potential Republican nominee for president. But Ryan rejected the idea, urging members of the Republican establishment to stop floating the the idea.

“I do believe people put my name in this thing, and I say get my name out of that,” he said. “This is, if you want to be president, you should go run for president. And that’s just the way I see it.”

After Hewitt referred to Karl Rove’s call for a “fresh face” as the nominee, Ryan replied, “I’m not the fresh face. I’m not that person.”

He then declined, a third time, to consider the idea.

“I think you need to run for president if you’re going to be president, and I’m not running for president,” he said. “So period, end of story.”

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dogg said...

Maybe I am not understanding this GOP convention issue. I will take any good respectful descriptions of it. Here is my understanding. If neither Trump or Cruz amass 2137 delegates, then we go into a "contested convention." At this contested convention, the GOP elites want to bring in a third party or Kasich in and have them nominated. I also believe there are rules that have been written that govern the nomination of a party. Currently, the person who is being nominated would have to have won at least 8 states. That means Trump and Cruz qualify. Noone else qualifys. nobody!! Well then I hear the rules can be changed. For instance, 4 years ago, the rules were changed in order to disallow Rand Paul from getting the nomination. The people who vote on these changes are the delegates who attend the convention. If 80% of these convention attending delegates are supporters of Trump and Cruz, why would they ever allow any rule changes that would effectively allow a third party to waltz in and get the nomination? It just does not make any sense to me.

Anonymous said...

222-That "rule" about 8 states...was written and put into place 4 years ago. In fact, the "convention rules" are allowed to change at every convention.

dogg said...

@2:51pm. I understand that the rules can change, but the new rules have to be voted on and approved by the convention delegates. This year, 80% of the convention delegates will support Cruz or Trump. Why would Cruz or Trump supporters approve any rule which would allow someone beside Cruz or Trump to get the nomination.

Anonymous said...

425-Delegates are forced to support a certain candidate for the process, and are only required to do so for one or two votes. Delegates are not beholden to a candidate after that. Plus, this 80% number is a lot of hot air, when the majority of the GOP support neither. Trump gets what, 30-35%? Cruz, another 30%? In other words, 70% don't support one or the other.