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Wednesday, April 13, 2016

City of Alexandria Sued for Concealing Election Records

Voter rolls have more registrants than city has residents of voting age

The city of Alexandria, Va., is being sued in federal court for concealing election records after it was discovered more people are registered to vote in the city than are of voting age.

The Public Interest Legal Foundation, an Indiana-based election integrity group, brought the lawsuit forward on behalf of the Virginia Voters Alliance, Inc., a group dedicated to improving election laws, and David Norcross, a registered voter in Alexandria who is also a member of the Virginia group.

Alexandria has for years maintained voter rolls that contain more registrants who can vote than the total number of citizens of voting age within the city, according to the group.

The Virginia voting group sought to inspect the city’s election records by invoking the National Voter Registration Act, which requires agencies to allow a physical inspection of election records relating to voter registration and list maintenance programs.

The group contends that Leider made no effort to use data available to the city’s circuit court clerk to remove ineligible registrants from voting rolls. The data was obtained from jury excusal forms, which contains information on residents who self-identify as non-citizens or non-residents of the city of Alexandria. The data also identifies potentially-obsolete mailing addresses.

Unlike Alexandria, other counties in Virginia have utilized circuit court clerk data to perform list maintenance and remove ineligible registrants, the group said.

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Anonymous said...

Chicago has the same problem, but as long as it is Democrats, it is ok with the feds.

Anonymous said...

How else do Democrats win elections?