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Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Trump's Support Nears 50% Among Republicans As Countdown To Convention Continues

Donald Trump has long taunted the media - and specifically Fox’s “crazy Megyn” Kelly - for failing to understand “math.”

The problem, Trump says, is that it isn’t fair to criticize him for not polling higher than 50% when the GOP field is so crowded. In fact, the billionaire has said, it’s a small miracle he’s been able to garner the amount of support he has over the past nine months given that at one point, there were 17 Republican candidates. Implicit in that argument is the contention that once the field narrows, Trump will command an even larger lead in the polls.

As we head into the Wisconsin primary on April 5, it would appear that Trump was indeed correct. The latest NBC/SurveyMonkey weekly tracking poll shows Trump nearing the 50% threshold as the preferred candidate among registered Republicans nationwide.



Anonymous said...

Trump's support is well beyond 50%. What LGBTMSNBC pablum is being fed to us is a ridiculous lie.

Anonymous said...

Boring and lackluster he isn't.