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Saturday, February 27, 2016

MyFundNow Launches a Lower Cost Alternative for Crowdfunders

Salisbury – There is a new crowdfunding platform available to individuals, community groups, innovators, and others looking to harness the power of crowdfunding for their project. MyFundNow ( HYPERLINK "" \t "_blank" ) – a low cost alternative to bigger names in the crowdfunding sector, has recently launched a flexible funding model with fees of just 3.5% in addition to credit card processing fees.

“MyFundNow has been designed to be an affordable alternative to the larger crowdfunding sites in the marketplace. Repeated studies have shown that even when using Gofundme or Indiegogo, the vast majority of campaigns are funded by people you already know or have connections to. MyFundNow lowers the cost of raising funds without sacrificing the tools you get at other places,” said Brent Murphy, founder of MyFundNow.

Crowdfunding websites are used to raise funds for a wide range of causes and ideas. MyFundNow’s goal is to make crowdfunding affordable and flexible for those seeking to raise funds to support their dreams.

“Crowdfunding has become a game changer for so many people in the last few years. Our model is built around making it easier and more affordable for people to get their ideas off the ground and to secure the funding they need for their projects,” Murphy added. “We want people to use MyFundNow to get their projects launched quickly and successfully. It is our hope that we will be able to help thousands of people improve their lives, create new products, help organizations in need, and more, by making this tool flexible and affordable.”

MyFundNow allows people to set up their crowdfunding campaign for free, with industry low fees for processing. All campaigns are vetted by the MyFundNow team before approval, and email support is available.

MyFundNow’s first campaign was launched late last week by a US Army Veteran who served four tours of duty overseas. He is attempting to raise $8,000 to fund his return to the Middle East; this time to fight against ISIS with the Kurdish Peshmerga, a fighting force that has had great success in driving ISIS out of occupied cities in Iraq.

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