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Saturday, February 27, 2016

Bible Clubs in Ohio Schools Face Atheist Complaint

Student Bible clubs in at least two Fairfield County schools have been temporarily suspended after administrators received a complaint that area religious leaders were heading the groups.

The Freedom From Religion Foundation, a non-profit group that serves as a watchdog over issues involving separation of church and state, sent letters to four school districts regarding Bible studies held in eight high schools, junior high schools and middle schools before class or on lunch breaks.

Such groups violate protections of separation of church and state if they are led or regularly attended by local pastors, claims Ryan Jayne, a legal fellow at the Wisconsin-based foundation.

"Public school districts must ensure that student religious groups are genuinely student-initiated and student-run, and that outside adults do not regularly participate in the clubs," said a letter from the group to Lancaster City Schools Superintendent Steve Wigton.

Similar letters were sent to the Bloom-Carroll Local School District, Fairfield Union Local Schools and Liberty Union-Thurston Local Schools.



Anonymous said...

Unreal Muslims have more religious rights than Christians these days. Hope you people are ready for all the backlash from the change your forcing on white Christian Americans

Anonymous said...

Keep it at the church.

Anonymous said...

NO ONE has to attend. Fight this with all you have. It's still legal to do this according to the last Supreme Court decision. Christians are NEVER to be relegated to their church. We have all the rights spelled out in our Constitution and Bill of Rights. Freedom of Speech, Freedom of Religion, 2nd Amendment, the right to our ownership of guns without government hindrances...and on and on and on...

fear NO MAN...don't be intimidated by anyone.

Anonymous said...

Christianity is still the majority religion in the U.S.
Under our democratic republic a majority rules.
Tell these atheists, and any other religion who's got complaints, to go pack sand.
Judges need to start tossing these sort of cases as frivolous and w/o merit. For they are and have none.

Anonymous said...


"Keep it in the church" Really?

Have you read the 1st amendment?

Are you a fascist fool?

Anonymous said...

12:10 really your going to here that a lot if you don't repent of that statement

Anonymous said...

At lunch and between or after classes anyone can meet for any reason and do what they want without any sanction from the school. The Fascist from religion people need to replace the leg they cannot stand on.