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Tuesday, February 16, 2016

DNC Insists Primary/Superdelegates Not ‘Rigged’ for Hillary

The Democratic National Committee is insisting that the primary process is not “rigged” for Hillary Clinton as supporters of Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-VT) are calling on the party’s 712 superdelegates to “pledge to back the will of the voters.”

Patrice Taylor, the Democratic National Committee’s Director of Party Affairs & Delegate Selection, explained in a Sunday post on Medium that “over 30 years ago, the Democratic Party created the category of un-pledged ‘super”’ delegates. These are Democratic leaders like governors, members of Congress, and party officials. We ensure these leaders have a voice in our convention outside of the primary and caucus process. Un-pledged delegates mean interested voters don’t have to run against elected officials to attend the Democratic National Convention. Ultimately, each state’s delegation is comprised of a diverse group of citizens like you and the Democratic leaders you have elected.”

Taylor insisted that “the election is not rigged for one candidate or another. The rules that I just described were first established in the 1970s, long before any current candidate declared for office. All candidates run under the same rules.”

She also tried to dispel the notion Sanders and Clinton received the same number of delegates in New Hampshire after Sanders trounced Clinton by more than 20 points in the New Hampshire primary. Taylor lawyerly argued “there were 24 pledged delegate votes at stake in New Hampshire’s First in the Nation primary on the Democratic side. Those 24 delegate votes were distributed according to the results of those elections, with Bernie Sanders winning 15 and Hillary Clinton winning 9.”

She conveniently left out the fact that Clinton had the support of six New Hampshire super-delegates, which means Clinton also has 15 delegates from New Hampshire.



Anonymous said...

Heck, if they said it, it must be true!

Anonymous said...

It's breath-taking how openly rigged this election is, and with the media in on it, there's not much that can be done about it except to SHOW UP AND VOTE. Everybody. All of us.

No complaining, no excuses. We need to do our duty.

Revolution? This is it.

Anonymous said...

Looks like Bernie is only there to keep marty omoron from winning - and as a plan b if the hildabeast is indicted.....

Anonymous said...

Just like her husband "he didn't have sex with that girl" and then her "I did nothing wrong". I have a bridge to sell too. map

lmclain said...

What else COULD they say?
They would catch on fire if they even got CLOSE to saying anything that was true.
I'd like to see someone throw some Holy Water on them, just to see if they start writhing and screaming in pain.
Or, if that doesn't work, march them outside and hang them from lampposts, one at a time, until they are gone.
They are worse than having a leech stuck to your arse. At least, a leech will get full and stop sucking the life out of you.
They will NEVER stop. Unless, of course, they get the rope. THAT will stop them. Just saying.....
I'd cheer THAT.