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Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Marine Vet Says Group of Teens Harassed Him While He Was Eating — He Woke Up a Short Time Later and Pieced Things Together

Sgt. Maj Brad Kasal being carried to safety by Chris Marquez, left, and Dane Shaffer, right, in Fallujah. 
(Lucian Read/Hope for the Warriors)

A former Marine was enjoying his burger at a McDonald’s Friday evening when a crowd of teens approached him and demanded he respond to the question, “Do you believe black lives matter?” Shortly after this, the youths allegedly knocked the man unconscious and robbed him.

Christopher Marquez received the Bronze Star for valor after serving in the Iraq war.

Marquez said he was grabbing a bite at a McDonald’s in northwest Washington, D.C., when the group came up to him and started harassing him about the Black Lives Matter movement, the Daily Caller reported.
This Iraq War memorial located at Camp Pendleton, California, is based on a photo of Sgt. Maj Brad Kasal being carried to safety by Chris Marquez, left, and Dane Shaffer, right, in Fallujah. (Hope for the Warriors)
“Do you believe black lives matter?” they asked him repeatedly. When Marquez ignored them, they began shouting that he was a racist.

After finishing his food, Marquez left the restaurant. As he was walking out to the parking lot, he allegedly sustained a blow to the back of his head, which knocked him unconscious.



Anonymous said...

I find some things so disturbing...

Anonymous said...

Pity he wasn't carrying. No, frankly these lives don't matter, regardless of color. The man served and was wounded defending their rights to act like a$$holes.

Ed Cannell said...

Paybacks a Medicac Semper Fi do or die

Anonymous said...

Punk thugs need real physical punishment they can feel.

Anonymous said...

Bet this won´t be on the cbs evening news.

Anonymous said...

why do these f$&^ers always hit someone from behind? punks

Anonymous said...

What we need to do is round up all these thugs who like to fight and put a uniform on them, teach them discipline and ship them overseas where they can actually fight for something. Then maybe they can come back here and act like civilized human beings.

Unknown said...

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Anonymous said...

That was nothing but wasted effort. How much more money,time,and effort has to be spent on this race?? Every other race has come over came adversity and prospered. Not the blacks. Why??? Tell us that instead of the same BS line. Save the children. This article is about THE CHILDREN! !!

Anonymous said...

maybe these women should stop having children