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Monday, January 04, 2016

Local bike business: Beltway ride wasn’t meant to stop traffic

WASHINGTON — A vendor of T-shirts, hoodies and other merchandise promoting sport motorcycling is defending a Dec. 27 biker ride on the Beltway in Prince George’s County, Maryland that stopped traffic and alarmed motorists.

On the warm, sunny Sunday afternoon about 100 motorcycles, sport bikes and ATVs took to the road for the ride. Some of them weaved between cars, popped wheelies, burned rubber, drove in the opposite direction of traffic — temporarily bringing motorists to a halt.

Maryland State police received numerous complaints but say the bikers dispersed by the time they arrived.

Suitland-based company BikeLife did not plan the event but said the company has faced backlash ever since. In an Instagram post, the company said that a group of bikers had intended to take advantage of the unseasonably warm weather.



Anonymous said...

They could have expected actions like that simply because of their customer base.

Anonymous said...

they wouldn't have slowed me down

Anonymous said...

So I'm a hoodlum because I ride a motorcycle?

Anonymous said...

Anyone who took part in this is a complete idiot .

Anonymous said...

They are not criminals? Anyone who breaks the law like these idiots did is a criminal. Criminal= one who commits a crime. end of discussion .

Anonymous said...

if he gets in the way = dead criminal