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Monday, January 04, 2016

ISIS Sharia Leaders Issue Detailed Rules For Sex Slaves

Islamic State Sharia leaders issued a fatwa, or religious ruling, setting out several guidelines detailing how and when an owner can have sex with his female sex slaves.

The fatwa was released in January by the ISIL (ISIS) Committee of Research and Fatwas and was translated by a U.S. government source, according to a Tuesday Reuters report.

The transcript goes into intricate detail as to the rules regarding what slave owners can and cannot do with their sex slaves, ranging from when it is acceptable for owners to have sex with the slaves and to whom the slaves can be sold. The fatwa was issued because “some of the brothers [ISIS fighters] committed violations in the matter of treatment of the female slaves,” according to a translation.

According to the fatwa, there are several rules regarding sexual intercourse with sex slaves. For example, a slave owner cannot have sex with his slave if she is pregnant or menstruating. Additionally, anal sex is forbidden.



Steve said...

How kind of them.

This in no way would require we give them the death penalty.

All we could do is convict them of rape, kidnapping, and a hundred other charges.

Of course, if they want to return to their home country, then we could drop the charges.

Otherwise, it's the crossbar hotel.

Anonymous said...

Pretty sick.

There's no place like home.

Go there.

Anonymous said...

They have all kinds of bizarre, self-serving "guidelines" involving sexual matters.

The Koran specifies that a Muslim must not have sex with a donkey in town. He must take it outside the town before having sex with it. Afterwards, no cuddling: he must immediately pray to Allah for "forgiveness" then kill the animal.

Furthermore, he must not eat the meat of an animal he has had sex with, and he may not sell the meat to another Muslim. But it is perfectly acceptable to sell the used meat to a non-Muslim.

Their "How To Be A Good Islamic Pedophile" instructions are absolutely vile.

And those so called "rules" for treatment of sex slaves? They aren't expected to abide by them, if the slave is a non-Muslim.

I do not understand why people keep rationalizing and soft pedaling the psychopathy that Islam embodies. Our "leaders"' should be sending a strong message to the ones that live here, regarding the utter unacceptability of their ideology, instead of pandering to them by passing a "resolution" legitimizing their claims of "victim" status.

Anonymous said...

The legal system of their "religion of peace" includes slavery and rape...things our society and rules of law have forbidden - and the dumbocrats want to allow this legal system to exist in our country?!