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Saturday, December 05, 2015

US Department of Homeland Security Has 72 Employees on US Terrorist Watch List

While a majority of Americans are now becoming increasingly concerned, not only with the threat of Islamic extremist attacks on America--but also with a government that seems to continually display denial of what is actually happening, the systemic threat to America grows, day by day.

With refugees flooding in unvetted, at the insistence of the Obama regime coupled with the fact that the female jihadist in San Bernardino, who had, as confirmed by officials, pledged her allegiance to ISIS, but was fully vetted by immigration officials, on her admittance to the US, somehow.

The threat, unchecked, from our own government's redoubtable efforts, is real.

This endemic Federal denial as a direct threat, was made even more stark several days ago when Congressman Stephen Lynch, a Boston Democrat, disclosed an alarming fact.


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Anonymous said...

How many in the White House are on the terrorist watch list?