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Tuesday, December 15, 2015

MSP: DUI Checkpoint 12/18/15


Anonymous said...

Where is the checkpoint?

Anonymous said...

That's for us to know and you to find out!

Anonymous said...

I'll just stay out of OC and spend my money elsewhere.

Anonymous said...

Nazi Germany!

Anonymous said...

checkpoint will be on rt 50 around rt 611 as it always is just use rt 90 and go around it

lmclain said...

Hitler LOVED stopping innocent citizens to see IF they were maybe, possibly, somewhere, somehow, committing some kind of a crime.
Here in the USA, we never thought (until lately) that stopping, questioning, searching, and sometimes ROBBING innocent citizens was a good idea. Now, we have sheeple, on their knees, licking the boots of their masters and nodding in agreement when told "if you aren't doing anything wrong, don't worry". Hundreds of innocent citizens detained and questioned to catch, what?, one or two people?
Ask the thousands of INNOCENT Americans who were strong armed by armed agents of the government into surrendering, without trial or charges (read that again), SIX BILLION DOLLARS in property and cash (just last year alone), what THEY were doing wrong.
They make surrendering our rights to be free of warrantless searches and the taking of property without trial sound like something we should all be thrilled to do. "Goot ci-di-zens" and all that.
Jefferson would have hung you himself.
You opened the door just a crack and they came through it with a tank division.
Know this--- if alcohol disappeared tomorrow, they would STILL do these Nazi checkpoints. Only the focus would change. They will never let "we, the people" close that door. Ever.
Keep cheering.