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Tuesday, November 03, 2015

‘You Guys Can Leave, but You Can’t Take Your Daughter’: New Parents Living Through Post-Delivery Nightmare

A Cleveland couple is fighting to get their newborn daughter back after she tested positive for a byproduct of marijuana when the hospital issued a drug test without the parents’ permission.

Hollie Sanford told WJW-TV that she suffered from debilitating morning sickness and extreme sciatic nerve pain while she was pregnant with her new daughter, Nova. Doctors initially prescribed opiates, but she and her husband were worried not only about a possible addiction to the drug but also the affects it could have on their unborn child.

So the couple, who also have a son, researched medical marijuana and opted to try a medicinal marijuana tea as a safer and more natural way to quell her pain.



Anonymous said...

This is a normal thing. It's a tough argument. The freedoms to do as one pleases with ones self and the baby can't speak for itself and needs 100% governments so its taken. I think with all we know now about pot that this is absurd. Crack and dope is understandable. And so is alcohol.

Anonymous said...

Step in line and do as you are told filthy peasants.

Anonymous said...

Pot hasn't been shown to have negative effects on the fetus.

Smoking cigarettes has.

Yet they don't test for nicotine.

Anonymous said...

Prmc runs tests and reports to child protective services. They'll even tell a woman's parents when they're over 21! Talk about hippa violation.

Anonymous said...

8:27, just look at the size of some of the nurses there, they are a hippo violation.

Anonymous said...

lmao about this one, what about all those ghetto kids who's parents are drug addicts? don't see anyone running to take them away!