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Monday, November 30, 2015

US Aid Worker Made Little Effort To Hide Work In Cuba

WASHINGTON (WJZ) — The Maryland man who spent five years locked away in a Cuban prison is speaking about the experience in his first interview since being released.

Tracey Leong has the details of his last moments as a prisoner and his hopes for freedom.

It has been nearly a year since Alan Gross was released from a Cuban prison. Sunday night on 60 Minutes, he told Scott Pelley how he was able to survive in captivity.

“I said to myself, `Where the hell are they?'” he said. “`Where are they?'”



Anonymous said...

Don't feel sorry for him. Go to a communist country (especially being American ) to work. What could go wrong? ?

Anonymous said...

Not just go to work, but go to actively undermine the Government and try to start a citizen uprizing (which we do all over the world every day). The funny thing is that if someone tried to do that in our country they would get a life sentence with torture in .........
Guantanamo Bay Cuba!