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Monday, November 30, 2015

Paying To Be Invaded

Over 90 percent of Middle Eastern refugees are on food stamps; 70 percent receive cash assistance from government

Tens of millions of Americans are getting to the point where they feel like strangers in their own country, thanks to the Obama administration's incessant importation of as many third-world migrants as the president can possibly stuff into the country.

That is principally why many of them are backing billionaire businessman Donald Trump, and why he has remained the leading contender for the Republican presidential nomination, and why he continues to out-poll the Democratic presidential front-runner Hillary Clinton (and nearly a half-dozen other current GOP contenders).

So it is no secret why consistent majorities of Americans are opposed to mass immigration, as well as President Obama's plan to resettle as many as 10,000 Syrian "refugees" in the U.S. Indeed, many Americans are beginning to feel as though their country is under invasion, from refugees to those streaming over the Southwest border.

What is even more galling to many is that they are essentially paying to be invaded.

While it's not necessarily uncommon for a high percentage of new arrivals to the U.S. to be immediately eligible for generous benefits, compliments of the U.S. taxpayer, Middle Eastern arrivals are among the greatest benefactors, receiving welfare at much higher than normal rates. And this comes as Obama attempts to shame Republicans and Americans who disagree with his resettlement policies into allowing him to import even more Syrian migrants.

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Harrison said...

Well think about it. If you were forced to flee Dorchester County and move to another country where you don't speak the language, aren't exactly used to the work schedules, and face blatant racism ALL DAY EVERY DAY, you'd probably be stuck on welfare too.

It's so easy to judge others when you don't even think about how the situation would pan out for you. Do I think it's fair that the rest of us are paying for it? Not exactly. But nothing is free. It would cost us a fortune to go over there and fight a ware too, remember that.

Ask yourself: what would Jesus do? He would embrace them, and provide for them.

And, you know what? After experiencing how positive and loving the christian religion is (should be), don't you think many of them would either 1. Switch! or 2. assimilate? This isn't some crazy liberal construct or anything. It's exactly what history has shown us.

Anonymous said...

very few of these people have been forced to flee. They chose to leave.
Yes, life is tough in their neighborhood, but things are getting pretty bad here, too.
What if half of Chicago shows up at your door, 5:22? You gonna set up cots in your garage? Take them all to Mickey D's?
We don't need to import them. We can help to set up safe zones for them over there, in their own familiar region. Then they can return to their homes (like they want to) after the fighting settles down.

Anonymous said...

5:22 How many of these people are going to put money in the collection plate on Sunday morning? Do you believe that the Christian religion would survive without funding? Who would build the churches, hospitals and schools? It wouldn't be the Muslims. You believe in separation of Church and State? Ninety eight present of Muslims belong to the Islamic faith. So you support our Government supporting a religious sector of faith? And to be forced to leave Dorchester County because you had no balls to fight for your freedom? Our Country is in trouble because of liberals like you.

Anonymous said...

All part of the global elitists plan for a one world government.Cant take control of all the people without collapsing the system.

Anonymous said...

Not all Arabs are Muslims.

Not every Muslim is an Arab.

But EVERY Muslim "belongs to the Islamic faith".

Carry on.