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Saturday, October 24, 2015

Losing A Friend, A Drinking Buddy


David C said...

Perfect. I too was in the same accident but recently the "Jaws of Life" got me out and away from the "car wreck" I was in. That "car" was a sales man's special, looked good but after a while, things really started to break and were unrepairable, even with counseling, church, friends and some strong effort on my part. Addiction kept breaking parts, especially the "computer". I loved that "car" but things had to end, it was dragging me down bad. So, all in all, lesson learned, such is life. Sorry for the rant but certainly can relate to the sign.

Anonymous said...

They make new ones everyday. I know. Been there done that. GOOD LUCK! !

Anonymous said...

Some of the trade-ins are okay if the problem was with the original owner, but even then you should make sure that there's an escape clause in the contract.