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Saturday, October 24, 2015

Police Officer Fined for Driving Without Licence for 25 Years

He obtained a valid license in 1990 but had not renewed it since

A senior police detective caught high-range drink driving had not held a driver’s licence for 25 years, a court has heard.

Detective Sergeant Andrew John Clarke, 46, was fined $2000 and disqualified from driving for nine months.

He was off-duty when he was pulled over for a random breath test on Hawkesbury Valley Way at Windsor about 9.55pm on July 10.

A breath analysis returned a reading of .17.

The court heard Sergeant Clarke immediately told the police officer he did not have a valid driver’s licence and that the licence he had in his wallet was not in his real name but was a fake identity.

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Anonymous said...

He was undercover at times so not having a valid ID not to mention driver license isn't so far fetch. Law or no law work undercover you want to remain anonymous.

Anonymous said...

Under cover you wanna drove drunk as well? Your an idiot cop who would back a baby rapist cop! Stfu. Always an excuse on how police can do what civilians can't . your comment alone should s how messed up you pigs think. Yes I hate pigs. Sure I live in moms basement. Been to prison five times with life sentences. Throw what you want at me. Can't change the fact you pigs are criminals just like me!

Anonymous said...

Undercover work allows cops to drive drunk? Wow your a special kinda cop lover aren't you? And you wonder why the people are turning against Leos. Lmao

Anonymous said...

oh silly 2:59 locked up one too many times I see.