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Friday, October 02, 2015

Apple has banned an app that maps US drone strikes

Apple has suddenly banned an app that maps every US drone strike from the App Store, Mic reports.

The Intercept's Josh Begley created the app to accompany the@dronestream Twitter account, where he posts news stories identifying when and where the US military has carried out a drone strike, and how many people have been killed. That data would then be fed into the Metadata+ app, which would send out push notifications to alert users of a strike.

It took some time — and semantic trickery — for Begley to get Apple to accept the app when it first launched. He initially called it Drones+, but after three failed attempts he changed the name to Dronestream. After another two failed attempts, Begley changed the name of the app to Metadata+, and submitted to the App Store with absolutely no content or functionality, or any mention of drones. After it was accepted, Begley went on to add the archive of drone strikes.


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