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Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Kerry, Hillary, Kennedys Offer Sanctuary to ‘Refugees’ — In Your Town, Not Theirs

BOSTON – National Democrats have been vocal lately about their desire to resettle hundreds of thousands more “Syrian refugees” in the United States. Yet not one of these ostentatiously compassionate statesmen has offered any of the huddled masses yearning to breath free refuge on their own fabulously posh estates.

The list of multi-millionaire Democrats lecturing the American people on their “duty” is lengthy — Hillary Clinton, John Forbes Kerry, the Kennedys and former House speaker
Rep. Nancy Pelosi (D-CA)
, among others.

Some big-city and university-town mayors have offered to allow the Arabs to settle in their communities. But the Democrats’ trust-funded grandees with their multiple vacation homes and private jets are conspicuous by their silence, even as they piously claim to feel the pain of the Syrian refugees — most of whom are neither Syrian nor refugees.

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Anonymous said...

Well if Kerry, Hillary, Kennedys and Pelosi are going to let them in the United States then they, only they, need to house them, feed them and listen to them bash the US after they get here.