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Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Grants proposed to make biking safer in Md.

WASHINGTON — Maryland Governor Larry Hogan has announced a series of grants to fund the design, construction and upgrades of bikeways and pedestrian trails throughout the state.

With the grants, more Bikeshare stations come to the suburbs, and Takoma Park and Wheaton will get grant money to add Bikeshare stations.

Bikeshare will be added in the Wheaton Central Business District. Takoma Park’s Langley Crossroads area will get a bikeshare dock, and another will pop up on New Hampshire Avenue.

Each dock will accommodate 15 bikes


Editors Note:  The City Of Salisbury received $32,000 for signage and roadway improvements for Fitzwater Street design


Anonymous said...

The road is a mess , signage I don't know. We must improve the welfare road to success.

Anonymous said...

This was tried some years ago, in a "progressive" town. Within a couple years, there were no usable bikes left. Some had been abused and broken, then abandoned in the "bad" part of town, some outright stolen. And more than one old truck was spotted on the highway headed out of town, towards the recycler just across state lines.

Wheaton is probably not a good place for this sort of project. Nor Salisbury.

Anonymous said...

What a waste of money. We've got streets even worse than before with their bike lanes and the pathways really don't go anywhere.

Anonymous said...

I wish the town of Delmar and/or State/County would extend the sidewalk out to the highway.

Anonymous said...

Yeah that's where I want to be riding my bike, in the Ghetto on Fitzwater Skreet. NOT

With Salisbury having the highest crime rate with thousands of Thugs running the streets. Ain't gonna happen!!

Anonymous said...

First we need to teach bike safety and proper bike road rules.