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Wednesday, September 30, 2015

As US Greenlights a Nuclear Iran, the DOE Closes the Last American-Owned Uranium Plant

In a move that even Democrats are calling “shortsighted,” the Obama Administration and the Department of Energy have decided to shutter the American Centrifuge Project in Piketon, Ohio. That is the last American-owned Uranium plant in the United States. The national security and energy implications are grave and life-threatening to this country. We used to produce about 50% of the world’s uranium. Now, we produce less than 10%. With this closure, we will have to rely on reserves that decay within 12.5 years. We will have to go to foreigners, specifically our enemies, to get uranium for nuclear weapons and for energy needs here in the US. In other words, Obama has fast-tracked Iran going nuclear and has fast-tracked the US for being denuclearized in every way. This is beyond alarming. Obama is not just gutting us militarily… he’s stripping us of the ability to even produce what we need to defend ourselves. It’s called treason.



Anonymous said...

what do you expect from a closet muslim? thanks sjd

Anonymous said...

didn't Shrillary sell our uranium to Vlad?

Anonymous said...

How and who voted for this kook who calls himself our "president?" If people can't see his level of incompetence and goofy ideology, then it's simply one of two things: you're either on his side and just as bad, or you really need to have your head examined ! Why doesn't the great Potus just start having people paint targets on the best places to bomb in the USA, that way our enemies won't have to wonder what places to hit. After all, he's doing everything else in his power to open the door for a well designed catastrophe.To quote Mr. Obama's dear friend, Rom Emmanuel, who shares the same distorted views, "never let a tragedy go to waste."

Anonymous said...

When Trump gets elected we will open it back up along with coal.

Anonymous said...

Since when is Canada our enemy?

lmclain said...

5:04 is missing the point.
This incompetent and buffoonish imposter is constantly looking for ways not to INCREASE our power, stability, influence, and stature, but, instead, is always trying to further neuter our country.
If we get to the next election without a war or an insurrection, I'll be very surprised. This loser is a true Manchurian candidate.