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Sunday, September 27, 2015

Dog Found In Salisbury: UPDATE

Found young black female dog. John Deere green collar. Call 443-614-2490. Zion road. Salisbury.


Bill Naswell said...

Joe, I know you don't visit Taylor's site. The boy is over there BEGGING people for POCKETCHANGE. He's trying to get people to put in there PayPal info. I tell you, I have lost all respect for him this time.

Anonymous said...

Another job well done joe.

Anonymous said...

Bozo is home! Thanks, Joe!

Anonymous said...

Yep he sure is Bill Naswell. JT's totally wasted his life away blogging when he has no business doing so. Blogging is for people who can pay their bills. It's a secondary business or a hobby.
He's allowed himself to be a useful idiots for other idiots and now the bill collectors are after him. He won't get any money. I know of most of his adoring fans and they themselves don't have the proverbial pot to take a leak in.

Anonymous said...

Awwww Bozo! 'Hers' not a Bozo. 'Hers' looks like a princess to me.
So happy to hear she's found her way home. A big huge thank you to the incredibly wonderful person who took her in until her family was located.

Anonymous said...

Where is he living? On the river and he is no artist.