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Monday, July 06, 2015

The most SHOCKING thing about Trump’s comments isn’t the part about Mexicans

He resonates. He is “The Donald,” and his light — no matter what you think or believe — shines brighter than the rest. He is larger than life. You dare him to tell you how rich he is, and he says, “I am rich. I AM VERY RICH” — and then he shows you just how rich. Bling! Yes, he’s really rich.

When the pundits claim he’s not really running, one can almost envision their fingers crossed behind their backs. Then, the companies weigh in and drop his products. Ah, who wants to shop Macy’s anyway? There are sooooooo many other retailers, I can get what I want elsewhere — Nordstrom, Neiman Marcus, Amazon, etc. — and probably better quality at that. I’m not particular — except when companies do something I don’t like.

The pundits angrily refer to him as the “clown,” the “side show,” arguing he will ruin the debates. They seem to be saying, “Donald, we want only your money — not you!”

Not that he needs anyone to defend him, because when The Donald punches back, he punches HARD — with a precise uppercut.

But, wait a minute, what’s happening here? The truth is, Trump’s not only resonating; he’s defining the GOP race. Consequently, he driving the multitudes to not only come out from under the covers and define themselves, but also show the public where they are coming from. Let me explain:



Anonymous said...

When the American people spoke, with their votes, last November they said, "We're tired of what we see and we want changes made." Unfortunately the mainstream GOP didn't understand that. They seem to have heard, "Get into bed with the liberals and keep screwing this country up good." Donald Trump, IMHO, is more of what the people of this country wanted when they voted the way they did. No nonsense, no BS, to the point gutsy calls and the mettle to fight.

Anonymous said...

Spot on 10:44
Bohner and his followers all need to go.
They sent more jobs out of this country when we need them here.
Obama must have made some big promises / lies to get the votes.
They gave away the farm.

Anonymous said...

he is not redefining the GOP he is redefining both parties

Anonymous said...

The "Donald" is saying what alot of us would like to say. Thank goodness someone will