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Monday, July 06, 2015

Farmer Charged, Farm Raided, Animals Seized BECAUSE He Cared For Them Better Than A Factory Farm

Schenectady County, New York – Earlier this month, a family farm in rural New York was raided by police. The owners were cited on a number of “regulatory violations”. The owner of the farm, Joshua Rockwood, is being accused of mistreating his animals; an excuse for the local government to confiscate them.

Police initially visited Rockwood’s property on February 25th to investigate reports of unlicensed working dogs, weeks before the raid. Unfortunately, Rockwood naively decided to voluntarily show local police around his property. After showing them around, they wrote a number of citations for arbitrary offenses.

The very next day, a veterinarian visited the farm to check on the animals and confirm that they were well taken care of and in good health. The vet said that the animals were just fine, and did not seem to share the “concerns” that the officers alleged during their walk-through…

A second veterinarian was also called in to verify the health of the animals and they also found them to be in perfect health.

A week later, police returned again to notify Rockwood that he was to appear in court on a number of charges relating to the animal’s food and shelter. In total, 12 different charges were brought against Rockwood, but he has posted a number of photos to a Facebook support page, which shows the animals with sufficient housing, and plenty of food.



Anonymous said...

Interesting case as it continues to unfold. The rescue sanctuary that took the horses and pony is gouging the owner for far more than normal rates, including transportation, which was about 10 times the norm.

lmclain said...

He let the wrong people onto his property.
The police asked for his "cooperation" and he cooperated.
He had nothing to hide, which was proven by the two visits by separate vets (the first one didn't say what the authorities wanted to hear, so they sent a SECOND one, hoping for the answer they needed.
I'm thinking that someone in power wants his land.
Or he made someone in power angry.
Whatever. The VERY heavy hand of the government is teaching him a lesson now. Bankrupt him, take his property, humiliate him!
The very heavy hand of our "leaders" now brings the house down on businesses, churches, reporters, landholders, taxpayers, and anyone else who dares to stand up to them.
With NO mercy.
The historical parallels occurring in this country on a daily basis now are alarming.
History DOES repeat itself. We haven't learned history for a while, but you better be getting ready for the next lesson. Or......
Keep cheering.