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Friday, July 31, 2015

Minnesota man who killed lion keeps low profile amid outrage

ST. PAUL, Minn. — A Minnesota dentist who killed a well-known, protected lion while on a hunt in Zimbabwe has advised his patients to seek care elsewhere since becoming a target of outrage from across the world.

Walter James Palmer remained secluded in the face of protests Wednesday at his suburban Minneapolis clinic and intense condemnation online. He has not appeared in public since being identified Tuesday as a party to the lion's death but has said in a statement that he was unaware the lion was protected and that he relied on his guides to ensure a legal hunt.

Palmer, whose practice offers general and cosmetic dentistry, is an active big-game hunter, with many kills to his name, some of them registered with hunting clubs.

The North Dakota native "enjoys all outdoor activities," according to the biography page on his now-dark clinic website. "Anything allowing him to stay active and observe and photograph wildlife is where you will find Dr. Palmer when he not in the office."



Anonymous said...

Nothing to do with this post but RIP "Rowdy" Roddy Piper.

Anonymous said...

I'm sure a lot of his patients didn't need to be told to seek care elsewhere. If he were my dentist I would have called upon immediately finding out how horrid a man he is and dismissed him as my dentist.

Anonymous said...

It's not for food. It's not shooting for the sport or entertainment because then a target or tin cans or clay pigeons would do. It's killing for the thrill of killing. Walter Palmer is a very sick SOB.

Anonymous said...

Cecil the lion was lured out of his protected home in a national park. He was famous and a tourist attraction due to his friendly curious nature. He was much photographed and video taped by professionals and tourists alike.
I wonder how many people had plans to going to Zimbabwe with hopes to catch a glimpse of Cecil and take pictures themselves only to have had their hopes dashed by this jerk Walter Palmer.

Anonymous said...

Sick SOB is the right wording 2:25

He'd better watch out or his head might
be mounter !