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Friday, July 31, 2015

Liberal YouTuber Posts Disgusting Video Defending Planned Parenthood

As someone who works in the blogosphere — hope that’s the proper word, otherwise I’m going to look like a horse’s rear, but then again, how’s that different from any other day — I’m constantly bombarded by the sickest, most deranged, wildly unintelligent, scum sucking, dirtbag liberal tripe you can imagine.

Hey, it comes with the territory, you know? Freedom ain’t free. Just so happens the price I have to pay to fight for liberty is my sanity. It’s worth the cost, plus, I was already crazy to begin with, so there’s that.

With all that I’ve seen, nothing could possibly prepare me for the disgusting display I encountered on YouTube after seeing this video by a young lady defending Planned Parenthood and their baby chop shop.



Anonymous said...

Last night I saw an "ad" on TV where a woman was thanking Planned Parenthood for discovering her breast cancer so that she had the opportunity to be treated and survive. Viewers were made to think that this woman could only achieve this discovery at Planned Parenthood. With Obamacare I'm sure that she could have this same exam for free at any women's clinic or doctor's office. I guess they are now trying to change the focus off of abortions and pieces of babies.

Anonymous said...

The only way that Planned Parenthood practitioners could have discovered this woman's breast cancer was to note a thickening or lump in the breast during a manual (feel around with fingertips)exam, something that every girl learns in health class, or should, to do herself.
This woman's breast cancer wasn't discovered by Planned Parenthood, it was suspected. Planned Parenthood practitioners didn't say to her, "You have breast cancer." They told her that she had a suspicious lump or other sign and referred her elsewhere for clinical testing. Definitive diagnosis took place after a mammogram (PP doesn't do those) and biopsy (they don't do those, either.)

Does anyone know why Planned Parenthood's website is "Down for Maintenance" right now, and how long it's been that way? The referral links are on the site, but nothing about the organization's mission statement or specific activities.