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Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Meth Lab Found In A Government Building In Maryland After It Caused A Massive Explosion

Certain shows just stand out for people in a world filled with all kinds of television shows on what seems to be countless networks. As anyone who watches TV is aware, not all shows are on the same level in terms of storyline, budget, acting, or overall quality. It obviously depends upon what kind of show it is, but many regular stations like ABC and NBC, for example, struggle to put out shows that are as good as say on AMC, Showtime, or HBO. The differences are usually related to the above categories. You see a lot more shows coming out each year on the standard networks than you do on AMC, Showtime, or HBO. And you also see a lot of these shows get canceled before they really ever get going. On the other hand, shows on AMC, Showtime, and HBO are usually, to put it simply, much better. So they typically stick around for multiple seasons and audiences love them.

A lot of these shows in general, or at least episodes of them, take much of their inspiration from real-life events. Now it may be events that happened in the personal life of a writer, in the news, or it is something that happened to a friend of a friend or something like that. This sure was the case for the hit showBreaking Bad. It was inspired by the story of a real meth manufacturer and dealer named Walter White(just like the lead character in the show). There are also other events in the show's many seasons that were at least inspired by real-life events. It also led to the spin-off Better Call Saul. That show features that crooked lawyer who bends the law as needed in Breaking Bad.

Well, life is imitating art in a story coming out of Maryland and still developing. Apparently someone had a meth lab set up in one of the National Institute of Standards and Technology's buildings that clearly isn't used all that often. The meth lab was not discovered until a huge explosion occurred and police don't have their newest Walter White impersonator behind bars just yet. It just goes to show you that not every meth cook is on top of their game. A federal security officer on the premises at the time of the blast (thankfully it was a weekend and not a lot of people were around) was hurt and left with burns to his hands and arms. He apparently resigned from his job the next day. But who can really blame him?! The government probably has some good attorneys and they are going to need them. This security guard likely landed in the hospital. And he is lucky he isn't dead.



Anonymous said...

So true. Their was never meth in the world until this show.

Anonymous said...

I hope that's sarcasm. When I was in high school during the mid 80s we'd cook in a shed behind a friends house once a week after class. Long before the show came along. Dont forget about all the 50s and 60s house wives abusing it to get through their monotonous day of cleaning and cooking plus the biker gangs of the 70s transporting cross country.

Anonymous said...

so sad - all that SUSTAINABLE construction........