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Saturday, July 25, 2015

Hillary Clinton Sent Confidential Emails From Her Personal Email Account, And Now The FBI And DOJ Are Involved

It's not that Donald Trump needed help in his juggernaut campaign across the GOP presidential primary with his lead in the double digits at last check, but moments ago the flamboyant billionaire got an unexpected present from the WSJ which may have just crippled the chances of his biggest democrat competitor as well, Hillary Clinton.

WSJ reports [9]that according to an internal government review Hillary Clinton, as former Secretary of State, "sent at least four emails from her personal account containing classified information during her time heading the State Department."

This is in reference to the long-standing investigation surrounding whether Clinton i) used bad judgment in opting for a personal, and far less protected, email device as Secretary of State and ii) whether she had - in direct contravention of State Department policies - sent out confidential data on her personal Blackberry.



Anonymous said...

Here's the chatter I've been reading on other blogs, forums and message boards.
I've been reading since well before OMally announced he was running, that the Obama DOJ was going to, at some point indict Clinton to get her out of the way, and then the Obama team was going to back and push hard for OMally.

lmclain said...

First, she said she didn't do it.
When THAT was proven to be a lie, she then switched the story to "it was just personal e-mails". When the subpoena was issued for her server, she erased all the emails she deemed "personal", which was also ILLEGAL. But no classified info was on it (her latest story at the time). She is having a very hard time keeping her lies straight and up to date with daily revelations about her illegal activities. She is having the same problem ALL liars have --- keeping their story straight over a period of time.
Two sets of laws. Do you think you or I could thumb our nose at a Congressional subpoena and NOT be in jail???
Someone flip her over. She's pretty done on one side. Make her medium rare.
Think Nixon was an arrogant liar?? Hillary makes him look like a Sunday school teacher.
Keep cheering.

Anonymous said...

Finally that house has fallen on her.. now onto destroying omallys chance ...scary hey

Anonymous said...

It doesn't matter what happens. The government is corrupted. The Power of Be will ensure the Hildabeast Clinton presidency. Plus the American voters and the electoral voters will ensure this path. I hope not because this country doesn't need another first.

Anonymous said...

The investigators now charged with pursuing this are agents of the same corrupt bunch. Don't expect much and you'll be less disappointed.

She should be doing hard time for a long time. But this will be drawn out and protracted. Voters will have to get educated and defeat her; Dept of Injustice moves like a glacier.

Anonymous said...

NOTHING will be done this is smoking mirrors so hillary can say i was CLEARED by the justice dept,dont forget this is Oscamas dept.