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Monday, June 15, 2015

Patrol cars converted for public safety aide duties

Similar to what Seinfeld’s Newman taught us about certified versus registered mail, all police work is a matter of public safety, but not all public safety matters require police.

Residents and visitors may have noticed over the past week that a number of Ocean City Police Department cars now feature magnetic stickers that block out the word “police” and replace it to read “public safety.”

These vehicles are being used not by sworn police officers, but rather by the increased number of public safety aides the department has hired this year to compensate for a decline in qualified seasonal officers.

“Since we had a lower number of seasonal officers this year, we hired more PSAs, more than we traditionally have,” said OCPD Public Information Officer Lindsay Richard.



Anonymous said...

I do not like this idea at all. These aids are dressed nearly identical to officers and it would be easy for someone to mistaken them for an officer.
We noticed them while at the air show this weekend.
Very poor planning on the part of the OCPD to be short staffed as they have been claiming this for years now and have done nothing to step up hiring practices.

Anonymous said...

Great idea Helped my family thank you

Anonymous said...

Two things here.....
One you either have a buch of Wahoos now acting like cops who couldn't make it as cops and now may get their heads kicked in by real criminals.
Second what if its successful? What if the need for police isn't as needed as once thought? So would police positions be cut and money saved?