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Tuesday, April 07, 2015

The Pentagon can’t account for $45,000,000,000 of YOUR money it spent in Afghanistan

Now I’m generally for more military spending, seeing as it’s actually one of the few obligations the founders gave to the federal government. But I have to admit stories like these give me pause:

Remember when we were informed in 2013 that America was giving literal bags full of cash to the office of then-Afghanistan President Hamid Karzai? It really shouldn’t be a surprise at this point that billions of dollars of Pentagon spending within Afghanistan prior to 2010 is unaccounted for.

That’s the latest from the Special Inspector General for Afghanistan Reconstruction (SIGAR). We’ve made note of previous SIGAR reports about blown tax dollars in the country, like $500,000 on a poorly made shooting range and $3.6 million for trucks to film games of buzkashi, Afghanistan’s version of polo with goat carcasses.

Now comes the news that we don’t even really know for certain what the Pentagon has done with $45 billion of $66 billion spent in Afghanistan prior to 2010. Why? Because until then the Pentagon was not required to account for it.

Yeah that seems like… a bad idea.



Anonymous said...

Check the Halliburton accounts.

Anonymous said...

check dick cheney,s family bank account.

lmclain said...

Make sure, whatever else you do, to pay the IRS every dollar you owe.
If not, try stealing $45 BILLION.
You're golden, then.

The rest of us (we, the people" lose the house, and may see the inside of a jail (not as a visitor, either).

There ARE two sets of standards, two sets of laws, two sets of morality, and two sets of punishment in the USA.
One for the rulers and public masters.
One for the serfs.
If you aren't sure of your status, you're a serf. Pay up, shut up, and remember, you get ONE phone call.
The REAL criminals run for another term, cash in stock options, and contribute huge sums to maintain their position, and send YOUR KIDS to fight for that right.
And you??
Cheering like mad......