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Tuesday, April 07, 2015

Tom DeLay: We Love Gays, but Not the Sin

The huge uproar over religious freedom laws in Indiana and Arkansas was manufactured by the nation's "gay agenda," which wants to force America to accept homosexuality, former House majority leader Tom DeLay says.

"This isn't about discrimination. We love people that have chosen to be homosexuals," DeLay, a Texas Republican, said Monday on Newsmax TV.

"This is the result of the gay agenda. We're now seeing what the gay agenda is all about."

Delay insisted the laws are in concert with the values of America's founders.

"Religious liberty is the foundation of this country and what they're trying to do is to undermine the religious liberty so that they become an accepted sexual orientation."

Instead of being about discrimination, DeLay insisted, the laws are about stopping the proliferation of sin.

"The problem is the sin. So yes, when I have a business and some gay person walks in — unidentified, by the way; there's no way you can tell unless he tells you — then I'm going to serve him," he said.

"But if he comes in and asks me to undermine my values, what I believe in, undermine my religious liberty, then I have the right to stand up for what I believe in and not serve him.

"It's not discrimination. It's the government telling us how we are to act, what we are to believe, and that has got to be fought with every ounce of our being."



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Tom Delay is out of prison?

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