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Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Smartphone encryption is giving law enforcement a tough time

FBI Director James Comey said the encryption makes it difficult for agents to obtain evidence in cases involving drugs, domestic violence or car crashes. Devices such as the iPhone 6 and some Android phones have unbreakable end-to-end encryption. Comey said he wants to work with Congress to find a legal way to give investigators access to encrypted devices, when necessary.


Anonymous said...

That dam constitution in the way again???

Anonymous said...

If law enforcement had not been taking advantage of their access to technology up to now, legal using citizens would not have demanded the features from the phone manufacturer.

You want transparency?; provide transparency at the government level first!

Yo, HildaBeast, where's that e-mail server?! Yo, NSA, which citizens are you snooping on without warrants right now?!

Steve's Leavin's said...

Did you say Law Enforcement or the Gestapo is having a hard time?

It sounds like enforcing the 4th Amendment Law is a breeze with encryption on the phones.

Now, that may hinder the Gestapo...

lmclain said...

That damned 4th Amendment!
How about a team of citizens descend upon THEIR house -- ransack it, search it, take all the computers and cell phones, tax record, everything.
Without a warrant. Dressed in all black. Packing military heat and taking no backtalk, either.
There you have what the government does to citizens EVERY DAY. American citizens, who SUPPOSEDLY enjoy the full protections of the law.
But you cheered yourself hoarse as they told you it was for your own good.
And they even tell you openly that they don't care about, or bother to adhere to, the law.
It doesn't apply to them. Just to YOU.
Keep cheering.

Anonymous said...

Keep cheering!!!! 👍

Anonymous said...

I hope everyone one of you is a victim of rape or murder and the police can't use cell phone data to solve your crime.

Anonymous said...

You're a fool 10:51. A spiteful liberal fool.

lmclain said...

10:51....your brainwashing is almost complete.
Report to your local police station for your brand new swastika, lightning bolt insignia, boot polish and a fiery torch.
The police could solve EVERY crime if you would just let them implant a tracking device in everyone. You good with that, or do you have boundaries as far as how you are monitored and watched?? If you aren't doing anything wrong, you STILL have to worry, you dummy. Ask any surviving German Jew from 1944. Or read Jefferson and Madison's musings on power and politicians.
Give up your God given rights to men who think they answer to no one....
Leave MINE the hell alone.
Get back to cheering.

Anonymous said...

What an incredibly horrible thing to say!! TROLL!!! Go hide back under your rock!!