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Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Balaclava-wearing ISIS fanatics graduate from Syrian school of terror

New images have emerged showing dozens of black balaclava-wearing extremists graduating from an Islamic State-run school of terror in northern Syria.

Brandishing AK47 assault rifles and waving flags carrying the sinister black and white ISIS logo, the photographs showing the jihadi 'Class of 2015' are believed to have been taken in Raqqa city.

Although the are dressed in head-to-toe black and wear balaclavas that cover most of their faces, it is clear that the majority of the graduates are teenagers who have been brainwashed into thinking they are holy warriors, when the reality is they will be used as little more than cannon fodder.



Anonymous said...

That graduating class should have experienced an exploding terrorist bomb right there in their midst then they could all go meet allah.

Anonymous said...

Nothing a few sprinkles of bacon bits wouldnt cure..send em all straight to hell

Anonymous said...

Allah is in hell since he was a peodophile.

Jack K Richards said...

Damn, we had them all in a group A small bomb would have done the trick

Anonymous said...

9:39 My thoughts exactly. What a perfect place for a MOAB strike.