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Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Salisbury Suspends Fraternity Accused 'Of Hazing

Salisbury University has suspended its Phi Beta Sigma fraternity chapter for hazing, after members were reported to have hit pledges with paddles and held forced workouts at an off-campus house, school officials said.

The chapter of fewer than 10 students was suspended through the spring 2017 semester, Salisbury Dean Valerie Randall-Lee said.

Neither Phi Beta Sigma's national executive director nor the local chapter could be reached for comment Monday evening.



Anonymous said...

No uproar will come from the media here. Phi Beta Sigma is a Black Greek Letter Fraternity. Not a racist comment that is what their national president calls them on their website. They also brand themselves but no one seems to care about that. Where is the in depth reporting and chants of white racism???

Anonymous said...

Nothing new here.
Twenty+ years ago the Black fraternity at Towson would openly haze potential brothers all over campus, even though hazing had been prohibited.
Being the uber-Liberal institute of higher learning, the TSU administration would never intercede or bring charges against the Fraternity.
It was deemed an "ethnic thing", and one would immediately be branded a racist if they spoke up about it.
So, like many other "ethnic things" (i.e.: not tipping service people; talking loudly in movies; not stopping for red lights; walking slowly across busy streets, etc.) it was completely ignored, as it was deemed a cultural situation.

Anonymous said...

^^^love that comment.

Anonymous said...

When will you guys wake up , it's a culture thing. Thousands of years worth.

Anonymous said...

I have yet to hear read or see any proof. These are allegations only. Next people will be fabricating rape allegations that will be taken at face value with no credible investigation being made. Oops it already happened.

Unknown said...

hazing seperates the tha people who really want to be fraternity members and the wannabees the next thing you know some do gooder will try to infiltrate marine corps bootcamp and the rigors of becoming a seal i bet you cant find anyone who completed either that will not agree that they are a better person for it GOD bless AMERICA SEMPER FI