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Tuesday, March 31, 2015

'Help! My Boys Were Stopped Three Times by Police For Being Outside Unsupervised'

Another mom grows incensed by a parenting culture gone mad, but we have to turn frustration into connection.

Recently, I got a letter that made me want to scream: A kid was stopped by the cops for riding his bike on a three-house street! But this exchange ends with … well, you’ll see. I learned something. Maybe we all will.

I changed the names to keep the author and her town anonymous.



Anonymous said...

Just part of the official mindset that Americans cannot be trusted to take care of themselves or make decisions about the safety and well-being of their own families without the input of busybody "concerned citizens" or the Gestapo.
We do not NEED or want your "advice" or your constant "supervision".
You are concerned about children?
Go hassle the 16 year old kids hanging out on the local drug market midnight on a school day. Get their parent (only one is available) on the phone. Lecture THEM
and make them leave work (oops -- no job there).
Most of all, quit acting like there is a boogeyman around every corner. There isn't.
YOU might be afraid of everything that moves. It doesn't mean we are, too.
Keep cheering.

Anonymous said...

But if they do that thay are considered racists

Anonymous said...

Idiot 8:35 you are a racists, and a dumb one at that. You should start paying attention to the Giant area and the area around the south east side .(SU )

ginn said...

8:14AM makes some great, great points. Yet, I am at a great, great loss as to why more people don't just stand up and say, ""We do not NEED or want your "advice" or your constant "supervision".".