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Thursday, March 19, 2015

Bay Health: Md. Gov Finds Middle Ground On Fertilizer Rules

ANNAPOLIS, Md. (AP) — Watchdogs concerned with the health of the Chesapeake Bay found common ground Wednesday with farmers on some changes to Maryland’s long-range plan for managing phosphorous and other fertilizer runoff that pollute the watershed.

The administration of Maryland Gov. Larry Hogan confirmed Wednesday that stakeholders from the agricultural and environmental community are agreed on the creation of an advisory committee to be tasked with overseeing and promoting anti-polluting regulations to be put in practice by 2022.

“There has always been agreement on the problem,” Hogan spokesman Doug Mayer said. “Now we have agreement on a solution that represents one of the most important steps forward in environmental policy in the last decade.”



Anonymous said...

There is no agreement on the problem. This is going to be like everything else from MD agencies... an extortion "fee or fine" march. Meanwhile, Conwingo keeps dumping major toxins, but it's the farmers/chicken producers...blah blah blah.

Anonymous said...

Great move by the governor, it is not all about absolutes, compromise is what we need.

Anonymous said...

another can kicked down the road, this policy is based on fraud and it should be dead

Anonymous said...

You get what you vote for. It's not Anthony Brown, but it's not great either.

Anonymous said...

He's got to compromise because theres still to many progressive communist at the tables. Nothing will change until they dredge the coniwingo dam sediment, they will forever use this disaster/crisis to bleed the citizens for taxes and fees.

Unknown said...

Mr. Hogan, please address the Conowingo.